Buying Backlinks for DA boosting? The DOs and DONTs

For those that understand the value of SEO and backlinks for boosting Domain Authority and organic traffic, buying backlinks has become a part of the business. Even though Google does advise against buying backlinks, the missing of SEO traffic seems more costly than risking a penalty.

Not all business have the budgets to organize various events or develop state-of-the-art products/services which would gather organic backlinks, so the leftover option is buying links. When buying backlinks is great to follow a few simple principles.


– Do backlinking in a natural manner. Backlink building strategy should appear natural to search engines. This means that a newly created website or even older one with no such strategy prior should start creating these backlinks in stages, with only a few per month, and from various DA level websites. In time, the number can be increased for each month. If you overdo it from the start, it will surely not look ok.


– Do not buy backlinks from websites that have high DA but little to no traffic. There is huge increase lately in websites that mimic large news brands which contact website owners for backlink opportunities. Lets take an example of – this website mimics the real publisher HuffingtonPost, but has nothing to do it it. There are many such copies out there having a news brand name + “Today” or news brand name + “Times”. Such websites are simply spammy, due to quickly disappear from online presence and will not only create NO value to your website, but might land it with a penalty, which is against what you are trying to accomplish.

Let me elaborate: while this example website may seem real, or even as a copy, may seem good value (the price per post surely is way cheaper compared to the real deal) and show high DA, it provides no actual value.

The analysis below shows the website DA gathered in matter of months:

huppposttoday backlinks

The Website appeared and started getting spammy backlinks from March 2023. Most of the backlinks gathered are spammy backlinks coming through redirect services from reputable domains (Google, Youtube, Bing). While these backlinks may have helped in getting a high DA of 47, this is just based on an algorithm that do not properly take in consideration the spammy nature of those backlinks, and the calculation is done by an external source from Google or Bing or any other real search engine.

BUT, the spammy nature of those backlinks are considered by the real search engine! Look at the graphic below which shows almost no organic traffic on despite its high DA. This simply should not be the case with a domain which has reached this authoritative state in natural ways. Even a DA 10 website which grew naturally would show much more organic traffic than this

huffposttoday traffic

As we can see, Google is capable of making the difference here, by delivering almost no traffic to this domain. This means that website is under automated or manual penalty from Google, which would lead to say that posts on this domain ar not indexed anymore by search engines, hence if you would spend money to get an article published with a backlink, it would not get picked up and create no value to you. Further more, if search engines would still crawl the website, it would only point to you as a partner spammer from their domain, which would risk you a similar penalty and removal from Google or other search engines.

Are Redirect Services ok for Backlink Building?

The answer for this question is Yes. But similar to the pointers above, these redirect links should be a mix from the overall strategy, with a small percentage of the overall backlinks you would acquire. Also, the redirects should be from various sources, ideally with good metrics and similar in topics to your website. Check the iWebz365 Backlinks generator for a source of various geo-regional links – choose just few of them to use and follow the pointers described in the recommendations there.