SEO Tools – Free & Paid Options for Mastering the Search Engines

SEO Tools available offer all sort of advantages for anyone looking to do search engine optimization. We have both free and paid options, tested and reviewed, each with pros and cons in using them.

SEO Research & Analysis

Research and analysis tools in SEO are a must as they bring light into what you are doing and how well you are doing it, helping in identifying new opportunities and improving your current search engine ranks. Because in the end, the more traffic you have, the better for you and your website.

Google Search Console

Free Tool & undoubtedly the best tool if you are looking to analyse and improve your SEO. Google Search Console (perviously Google Webmaster Tools), allows website owners to submit their website content to Google for indexing. The Search Console allows various settings of the website, like sitemap submission, target language & region, but most notably is great for researching how the website performs in Google Search. It works only for your own websites as they need to be verified before accessing Google data. From an analysis point of view, it proved to be a tool which should not be missing from anyone’s arsenal of SEO tools. Read more on what Google Search Console has to offer.


Free & Paid Tool. I have bought access to this tool in its early days with a one payment for lifetime subscription. It was and still is fairly basic tool for researching SEO when compared to other, but it offers all the main options a SEO enthusiast and even specialist needs. It can track SEO data for both your websites and for competitor websites, it can help in back-linking opportunities by spying on your competition or find SEO content opportunities based on searches your websites ranks for or it can improve its position. Read more on what Ubersuggest is all about.

SEO Content Ideas

Finding new content ideas at the beginning of a website project can be time consuming, and finding new ideas for a website that has already published enough content around a certain topic can be even more demoralising. Luckily there are tools which can find new ideas by identifying what people are searching online.


Free & Paid Tool. Since its inception, this tool has offered suggestions on related searches based on a keyword. It is helpful in identifying what people are searching for and how they are searching (word phrasing). This offers many times interesting ideas for new content opportunities. What better way to gain new organic traffic than by answering the public for what the are asking on Google? The tool is also great in tapping in long tail keywords niche. The data is presented in a graphical style, but it can also be downloaded for later use in CSV/Excel format. The tool was acquired by Ubersuggest and also implemented in its SEO research tools. Read more on how to use AnswerThePublic tool.


Free Tool. It is fairly similar to AnswerThePublic as it can be used to find questions typed in Google related to a certain keyword. It offers filtering options for these searches by region and languages. All data is presented in a boxed manner and it can also be downloaded in CSV/Excel format for later use. The results can be eye-opening in certain cases by revealing what problems users run into or are looking for information on Google related to a search term. Read more on AnswerSocrates data and how to use it.

Google Ads

Free Tool. While Google Ads is a tool by Google for Advertisers (to advertise in Google Search or on partner website network – AdSense), it is free to signup and use its research tools without the need to create a paid campaign. Among the research tools worth using are Keyword Planner and Suggestion which based on a keyword provided it generates a list of keywords and mix of expressions around your target keyword which people use in searches, along with monthly searches for the past 12 months. This is a great tool to find new keyword opportunities and content ideas, as well as targeting expressions that generate large amount of traffic and have an upward trend in searches. Read more on how to use the tools from Google Ads account.

Google Trends

Free Tool. As Google Ads can help in identifying new keyword ideas and volume of searches, Google Trends is a tool which shows in a graphical manner the search trend for a keyword and related queries. This is also a great option in finding new ideas for content but also understand the search timing at global and local level. You can view which countries generate the most traffic for certain searches and you ca focus using this data on creating content that is of interest for that particular audience. Read more on about using Google Trends in your SEO strategy mix.

SEO Content Generators

I am sure you have heard about a writer’s block, and probably have suffered from it. If you haven’t suffered, that is great, but some tools which can help you in generating content faster can only be welcomed. In the past years I have seen the rise of AI tools (Artificial Intelligence) which help in researching, structuring and writing content faster.


Paid Tool. ArticleForge is an AI content generator tool which can be used to get content written fast. All you need to offer here is a title and keywords or sub-headings for the article. It can generate content on many topics with lengths from 250 words to 1500 words. For simple tasks, ArticleForge is one of the best tools I was able to find as content generators goes, with fairly clear content written by the AI. It can generate content in several languages. Read more on what ArticleForge can do to help with content writing.


Paid Tool. WriteSonic is a tool which uses AI models to generate various types of contents. It can help users generate article content, with subheadings and images included, ready for publish, but also article title, meta titles and descriptions, ad copy, Facebook or Twitter content and so on. It is one of the most complete AI content writing tools which also improves by the day. Read more on all the tools available at WriteSonic and how they can speed up many aspects to content writing.

Free & Paid Tool. offers a free version with generation of up to 10,000 characters per month (around 1500 – 2000 words). This can be used by those looking to test the service but also as a tool to be used every once in a while every month if you are not looking to spend any money on these sort of services. It can generate content in 30 languages. The writing using this tool I feel to be a bit more complex compared to previous tools presented. Paid version offers access to more characters generated and also more content options. Read more on to understand what you can do with it.

Free & Paid Tool. is another AI content generator which helps various categories of people to create content faster, up to 10x faster as they say. The free version offers up to 2000 words generation per month, along with access to 90+ copyrighting tools. The paid plans come with much-much more content volume and multiple languages for generating content, as well as access to newest features. Read more on tools and how they help you with content writing.

Paid Tool. is not a content generator tool as the previous ones presented here, but an automatic re-writing tool. Content spinning is a thing of the past as this tool provided by is capable of rewriting entire contents and obtain 90% and over in content uniqueness (Copyscape). The tool seem to understand the content and is capable to reformulating ideas, sometimes even simplifying them. The content in english is very well formulated, that you would not even believe it is computer rewritten. In fact, better than even some native speakers. Read more on what can do for you and how to best use it in a smart way for SEO.